Rhythm of Our Home – Elevensies

Inspired as I am by the online quarterly Rhythm of the Home, I thought I would write a few posts on how we are finding a happy rhythm in our own little corner of the world.  Unsurprisingly the first post involves cake.  Who would have guessed?

Is there anything more civilised than pausing in the middle of the day for tea and perhaps a little cake?  I think not.  I mean I know that being English means that I am under a cultural obligation to consume tea from tiny china cups on a regular basis, but I do find it deeply satisfying and so Elevensies has become an important part of my day.

In fact not content with just Elevensies I try to take two tea breaks a day, and why not?  We lead such hectic lives it can be easy to forget to pause and take a breath, to enjoy a moment of peace and contentment.  We seem to live in a society that values money and possessions and that encourages us to work at an ever more hectic pace to acquire them.  But when do we take the time to enjoy all of this wealth and wonder?

When I decided to drop out of the workforce and become my own boss (in the form of being a stay at home mama) I realised that one of the things I might miss was the approval of others; the support of colleagues, the occasional ‘well done’ or ‘thanks Miss’ that made it all feel worth it.  Granted now I get the best feedback of all “I love you Mummy” but I also get “Your not my best friend anymore!” which can be a little wearing at the best of times.

So I took my Dad’s advice and create little high points in the day for myself, a few moments when I reward myself for a job well done.  It has become my habit to pop the kettle on and make myself a nice, steaming pot of peppermint tea around 10.45.  While that is brewing I make sure that Neirin has his Elevensies in the form of a lovely, relaxing nursing session.  With my contented bean happy to play for a short while, I turn my attention to my warm tea and perhaps a home-made cookie or slice of cake.  Though I try to repeat this ritual mid afternoon with both boys it can be a tad hectic, so I really savour this peaceful punctuation mark in my day.

Yesterday, during our Mummy and Huwyl bonding hour (we have this each day while Neirin is napping), Huwyl and I whipped up a lovely carrot cake.  Full of carrot, banana, walnuts, eggs and a lovely protein filled topping of cream cheese icing, this is a treat to really savour.

Oh and did I mention the teensy bit of sugar holding it all together?  Hardly worth noticing really.

But when I am in the midst of my morning chores, or running out of energy mid-afternoon, the thought of such a treat sitting tidily on a plate alongside a steaming cup of my favourite brew really spurs me on.

So off I trot to enjoy my mid morning oasis of calm before the rush of lunch and the rest of the day is upon us.  But you know, of course, the best way to enjoy tea and cake?  With friends.  Anyone care to join me?

4 thoughts on “Rhythm of Our Home – Elevensies

  1. It’s funny – I too have started a daily tea routine while on maternity leave. I have a selection of loose leaf teas and enjoy the process of selecting a brew depending on my mood. I love that you incorporate a home baked treat with your elevensies and how you involve Huwyl in the baking process. Great bonding time and also a wonderful way to inspire a love of cooking/baking.

    • Is there anything more relaxing? Ok other than a few nights of solid sleep! A nice cuppa really does take me to my happy place, of course the cake is a bonus too ; )

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