Winter’s Day Hike

Friday really was the most stunning day, incredibly beautiful, fresh and crisp.  Not too cold but cold enough to enjoy a nature hike bundled up in our warmest winter wear.  We went out to a local trail with some homeschooling friends who are in the know and all had the chance to hand-feed chickadees and nuthatches.  The children thought it was so wonderful and walked themselves exhausted.

It wasn’t until we reached the end of our walk that we noticed the time – we’d been out for two and a half hours!  Two four year olds, one seven year old and a ten month old in a back-pack happily entertained by nature for most of the afternoon.

It was a day of contrasts; white snow and black seeds, white and black feathers, shouts of excitement and hushed voices.  And the best end to any adventure, relaxed spirits and sleeping children.  A perfect day.

6 thoughts on “Winter’s Day Hike

    • We had such a wonderful time all thanks to you, clever lady. Hopefully the weather will get cold again (but not too cold) and we can revisit. That day keeps me going during the less than perfect moments!

    • Thanks Melody! We had a wonderful time, it was relaxing to be outside for so long. It’s a bit chilly at the moment but we hope to do it again before the winter is out : )

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