A Winter’s Day

I had planned an entirely different post for today but then I woke up to this:

and this:

Every tree and branch was covered with a thick coating of frost, making them look incongruously cozy in the sharp morning air.  The sky bloomed a summer blue above us creating an even greater contrast between the white of the earth, the stark brown branches and the clinging white frost and snow.  Truly an exceptional morning.

So to honour this fabulous show nature was putting on for us today, I put aside my morning chores and headed outside with the tiny bean and the mad dog with my camera in hand.  Here is what I saw.

This afternoon we are off to enjoy even more of this beautiful day as we head out on a little hike with some homeschooling friends.   I hope that everyone is enjoying a day as gorgeous as this one, where ever they are.  Have a wonderful weekend!

2 thoughts on “A Winter’s Day

  1. Heather, what a wonderful comment! Thank you so much for your thoughtful words. It really was an extraordinary day here today and we really have made the most of it : ) My teeny pics don’t even do it justice. Have a great weekend!

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