I have been finding such great inspiration out there in the blogosphere at the moment, so many wonderful ideas about making the most of life and in noticing the simple pleasures that are to be had.  These posts fit perfectly with my way of thinking right now as I find myself ready for a simpler approach to life, with a steady rhythm that (hopefully) keeps us all contented and peaceful.

As always I enjoy Nicole’s wonderful blog Gardenmama, her writing and gorgeous photography never fail to uplift me; she writes with such joy and enthusiasm about really noticing the beauty that exists in every day life.  After reading her blog this morning I was reminded how much I love the smell of lavender and so I added a couple of home made sachets to my dryer.  Voila, lavender smelling linens!  I’m sure having pleasantly scented diapers will make changes so much easier…here’s hoping…

I’ve also been following Heather’s wonderful posts about Yoga and other restorative practices. I loved her post on yoga for children, because little ones need to relax too!   I’ve incorporated some of her ideas into our new bedtime routine and Huwyl seems to really enjoy them.  Even just a few minutes of yoga helps him to settle, ready for sleep.  I am also keen to try some of her spa suggestions, it is so rewarding to take the time to restore a bit of mental balance.  At this time of year particularly  a hot bath, the fresh smell of summer flowers dried and carefully stored, a warm oil rubbed into dry skin, all serve to keep that frazzled winter feeling at bay.

It’s not just our bodies that need a bit of pampering, the earth needs our TLC too!  Hipmountainmama’s blog is hosting Treehugger Tuesday with weekly suggestions on how to live in a more eco-friendly way.  This week is a subject I know is close to many of my friend’s hearts – coffee!

Throughout all of these posts is a core message that really resonates with me, that living in a simple, intentional way really does make a difference.  Taking the time to restore ourselves, body and spirit, will give us the strength we need to bring the right kind of energy to our families.  How can we guide our little ones when we are feeling over-tired, scratchy and over-burdened?

Over the next couple of weeks I’m going to be looking for opportunities to incorporate some more of these ideas into our evolving family rhythm.  I hope you’ll take the time to check them out too and that you’ll be inspired to to notice beauty, breathe deeply and relax this week and throughout the winter months.

4 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. Thanks for mentioning Tree Huggin Tuesday! I am also a big fan the other blogs you mention here. Just reading your last 2 paragraphs made me feel relaxed. Whenever I think of living a simpler lifestyle, it makes me feel good!

    • No problem, I think it is a great idea. I’m sure loads of people will be inspired by the ideas they see on your blog. Hope you have a relaxing weekend : )

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