Catching Some Sun

Continuing on with the theme of snow and ice (rather apt I thought) Huwyl and I spend some time making suncatchers.  They are so easy but fun to do and the end result is so pleasing.

First you assemble some supplies.

Then you make the catchers.  We added food colouring to the water as well as the inevitable glitter (there is very little in my house that does not have some glitter on it somewhere).  To make the sun catchers as eco-friendly as possible we added some bird seed that will hopefully be a snack for some passing birds when the ice melts. We also added loops of embroidery floss to hang them from when they froze.

It took very little time on a very (very) cold day for the water to freeze but we actually didn’t hang them until the next day.  Fortuitously we did have a little sun allowing us to fully appreciate our creations.  With Grandpa’s help and of course Huwyl’s invaluable contribution, the sun catchers were attached to the tree in our front garden.

A few rays of sun escaped their cloudy confinement but were immediately caught by our multi coloured creations as they turned slowly in the breeze.

We watched in silence for a few moments as the catchers created our own mini eclipse against the dipping sun, caught by the play of light and the silence the icy cold had wrought upon our little street.  Before we retired inside with cold cheeks and fingers.

But that moment, the silent contemplation of winter light on coloured ice stays with me, like a pocket of quiet in my mind.  I wonder, am I the only one?

Or will we share this simple memory without even knowing?

2 thoughts on “Catching Some Sun

    • You are so welcome! We really enjoyed this activity and it is eco friendly as it just melts away leaving the bird seed (and a little glitter) behind. I love how something so simple can be so effective : )

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