Ok, I’ll admit it.  My not quite 10 month old has beaten me.  He is a walking, screeching force of destruction and I an defenseless in his wake.

Without meaning to sound like the most rubbish mum in the world I have to be honest and say that I struggle with these early years.  Plus I wasn’t expecting a toddler at under 9 months!  I’m lucky to have such a healthy and adventurous chap but having a one nap a day running, chewing, pulling-everything-down chap is a tad exhausting.

This little lad wants to see everything,

do everything,

and generally cause mayhem.

Yes he has out-run us, out-thought us and basically deafened us.  I suppose it is a good job that just the tiniest smile, the smell of him, the way he chews our noses and the sound of his little voice saying “Hiya” (I swear it’s true) fills my heart.

When I was looking at photos of Neirin I realised that most of them are blurred because he is always, always moving.

So you may have to forgive some blurry photos over the next little while as getting him to sit still for even a few seconds, well that isn’t going to happen.

So there you go, a postcard from a frazzled mummy and her crazy, running, shouting, screaming, laughing, mayhem causing baby.

Life without him?

No thanks.

(No kitty cats were harmed in the filming of this blog.)

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