Ice Storm

Ok so I am not officially posting in the sense that I won’t be back to a proper schedule until after the New Year. However.  I couldn’t resist posting a few pics that I took yesterday after the Boxing Day ice storm.

There are two advantages to an all day all night ice storm, as far as I can gather.  One, you stay put and get into the habit of taking things slowly.  This has helped us to change the pace of life from the frenetic pre-Christmas preparations to a more relaxed pace.

The other advantage is the scenery.   When the sun finally came out yesterday we escaped into the fresh air for a much needed family walk. Outside we discovered a world clad in melting ice, shimmering in the afternoon sunlight.

So here are a few pics from my new and utterly fabulous camera.

And many, many more to come.   Merry Christmas!

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