Happy Yule

Well the Solstice has passed and a busy one it has been too, filled with friends, making and fun.  I’m a bit exhausted already and we haven’t even made it to Christmas yet (the other quite important festival).

After a full on party on Sunday we spent Solstice Eve creating with friends.  Lanterns were made and lit, Wish Bread was baked and eaten.  Tummies were filled with sweet bread and wishes for wonderful things such as snow, kisses, trees and patience (guess which one of those was mine).  Yule morning brought a wooden boat for each of my boys, left by the fairy door which also happens to be next to our Christmas tree.  The day itself was filled with yet more celebrations of a lovely friend’s birthday.

So with presents still to make, cakes to bake and yet more presents to wrap I will sign off and wish everyone a peaceful Yuletide, wherever you are.  From all of us here in snowy Canada, we hope you have a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

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