Treasures Friday- Kitty Cat

I’ve decided to institute a new Friday theme (aside from the usual ‘Yay, it’s the weekend’ type theme).  I’m going to take some time to introduce things that I treasure and tell you a bit of their story.  These might be things that are thrifted or old belongings of mine that have a history.

So in this first installment I will introduce you to Kitty Cat.  Or her full title Creepy Kitty Cat.  I received her for Christmas when I was around 8, I think.  I was very impressed to have been given such a grown-up gift.  She is designed as a place to keep rings, you thread them onto her tail and she did serve that purpose when I was in a more jewelery wearing place in my life.  But when I was 8, not so much with the ring wearing.

I loved her anyway, more for what she symbolised than her aesthetic appeal which is, I admit, a tad…questionable.  She has massive eyes and a look that suggests she might not be having favorable thoughts about you at that moment.  But she is silver coloured (my preferred precious metal) and shiny (well she used to be) and I love her.

I’ve been carting her around for nearly 30 years (but not quite, that is important to know) and I can’t imagine being parted from her.  She has seen me go through each incarnation of my life from child, to young woman (with a lot of goth jewelry,) to a woman with her own home, to a wanderer and to a mum.

Speaking of being a mum, Kitty Cat is now a repository for my hair elastics, something I have a lot more use for right now.  Especially while Neirin is in the ‘tugging’ phase (also known as the ‘bald patch’ phase).

I wonder what she thinks of all this?

I love you Kitty Cat.

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