Baby’s Breast Friend

When you have two wonderful, beloved little pals you don’t want to play favourites.  You don’t want to admit that you prefer one over the other.  But the truth is that one is much, much more loved.  I’m referring, of course, to my boobs.

I apologise to anyone of a sensitive nature, but I do feel it is time to acknowledge that Neirin has a very special relationship with my left boobicle.  I mean the right one does the job, it provides yummy milk on demand and is good for all practical purposes.  But the left boobicle, that is another story.

Picture by Lynsey Barker

That is where he likes to hang out, to snuggle, to fall asleep in warmth and comfort having sated his hunger.  When I swap him over from nursing on the right (I’m very strict lest the lopsidedness become a balance issue) he laughs and slaps my chest as if greeting an old friend.  He smiles and giggles, knowing that he is back in his happy place.  If he has a bobo and now that he is walking he has quite a few, that is where he goes for comfort.  When he wants to snooze, I know his pillow of choice.

Picture by Lynsey Barker

There is no doubt in my mind, my lad is a boob man.  Long may it reign.

[Thanks again to my artistic friend Lynsey for the beautiful pictures that she took of me and the boys this summer.]

3 thoughts on “Baby’s Breast Friend

  1. I hear you loud an clear my fellow nurser. My darlings all three of them have all gravitated toward the right. The left is just as good, but the right is the one they all love!!!

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks Jenni! I do love nursing him so much, I am in no rush for this to be over : )
    Thanks Nicole, this is one of my favourite pictures, I can’t take credit for the great photography though. It’s a great idea to send it in to Mothering, I know they love nice pics of breastfeeding mums. I will forward it on!

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