Pretty pretty pie plate

Last year when I was perusing in a fancy but much too pricey cookware shop (come on, we’ve all done it), I fell in love with their ceramic pie plates.  With fluted edging just waiting for pastry and shiny ceramic gleaming at me I was sorely tempted, but $30 for a pie plate?  Um no.

So imagine my delight when I came across this little gem in one of my fave thrift stores.

It is soooo perfect.  Not only is it shiny and ceramic but it is groovy and 70’s to boot.  I love the colours, I love the style of lettering, I love the fluted edges, I love that it has a recipe for apple pie right there on the plate.

The plate begs to be filled generously with pastry and fruit.  It begs for fluted edges and a sugary glaze.  It says use me!  And so I have.

This style reminds me so much of being a kid myself.  I love the idea that the boys will remember countless pies made by mummy, they’ll remember the plate being slowly revealed as the pie is consumed after dinner, lunch, during a picnic, on a summers evening or a winter afternoon.  Like I do, they’ll associate the smell of apple pie with soft hands, strong arms and love.  When they see that plate and smell that smell they will know…they are home.

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