What a lovely pear

I love making use of seasonal fruits and veg; there is a happy link between what is in season and what feels right for our bodies.  I have been all over the apple pie making but I’ve never been a fan of pears.

Until now.

The change of heart is due to the recipe included in the latest series of River Cottage, it looked so yummy I had to try it.  Here’s what it produced.

And here is the cake about 45 seconds after I took the first photo:

Yes it is sweet.  Yes it is yummy.  Yes it is that good.  In a house of three poorly chaps (well one teething non-sleeping chap and the other two with stuffed up noses and nasty coughs) a slice of warm cake with a dollop of whipped cream was just the right kind of comfort.  For anyone wanting the recipe, here you go.  See, I do love you after all.

And to answer the question I know will be lurking (you know who you are), yes I will be making it again.  Probably tomorrow.

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