Organising my thoughts…

There is something about this time of year that requires a sense of order.  I have found over the last few months that organisation for a mum of two is not an optional extra, especially if I want to get as much out of life as I seem to desire!  Slowly I’ve been sorting our possessions in an effort to be rid of what we don’t need but also and equally important, preserve what we do need.

As the madwoman in Loblaws said when I was still pregnant with Neirin and informed her that I had carelessly conceived another boy “At least you can reuse the clothes.” Yes crazy lady, that is the only reason I am not crying into a hot pink princess bag in the children’s section.  But, I have to admit, it is a bonus.  As Neirin seems determined to reach 6ft 3″ by 10months of age he has been racing through the clothes I have set aside for him, forcing me to think to the future a little more rapidly than I expected!  So I have been boxing and labelling clothes, toys, maternity wear, books, files and many other boxes of our accumulated belongings.  There were some surprising discoveries (a topic for another time perhaps) and happy reunions.  There was also a shedding and casting off of what we don’t need.  Of course someone else may feel differently so there will be many donations to charities.

In addition (yes there is more) Stephen and I have been organising the new second freezer, cleaning and sorting the fridge and indulging my jarophilia with some new glass lock-and-lock to keep dried and fresh foods fresher, hopefully avoiding waste.  I am aiming to take up my mum and dad’s approach to fresh food by prepping it at the beginning of the week and keeping it stored in containers for ease of use and longer freshness throughout the week.

Beyond the physical manifestation of this organisational spirit, is a need to be more purposeful in my thinking and actions.  With that in mind I’m going to explore the Entrepreneurial Time Management System discussed on Danielle LaPorte’s blog

Here is a excerpt from Danielle’s blog summarising this approach (I’ve paraphrased a teensy bit but there is no escaping it, this woman is much more dynamic than I am!):


Weekends are footloose…play, party, veg, nest. Sullivan suggests taking 100 free days a year, including your holidays and vacations. {How civilized!} I try to hold Sundays as extra sacred, which means no computer, some devotional reading, extra snuggles, phone calls to the oldies.

Monday is my “niggly buffer day.” (You can make your buffer days any day of the week.) Buffer days are for loose ends, and for preparing for “focus days.” This is when I return emails; deal with tech bugs and social media updating; I make appointments and pay bills. On my Monday buffer day, I do the stuff that feels like it’s getting in the way when I want to do the Important Stuff that makes me happy and makes me money.

On my Monday buffer day, I set myself up to rock out for the following three days. I make sure I have editorial contacts that I need, I sketch out my writing ideas. I even make sure my i-Pod is synced so I can, quite literally rock out for the rest of the week. Mondays feel great. Like the warm up number for a super musical.

Friday is my “play buffer day.” In between clients I do fun research, surf, buy books, go through my pile of magazine tears and wandering sticky notes of what hopefully will be a genius insight.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are my full tilt focus days. This is when I do what I do best – and what I do best generates my livelihood. On focus days, I write and write some more. I jam with fellow thinkers and media folk, and then I write some more. I work on content products for clients or think through speaking gigs. Think. Jam. Write.

It is an approach that I haven’t heard of before but it really appeals to my innate way of working and I love the idea of three intense days of achievement with buffer days that allow for more freedom,flexibility and planning(and playdates with lovely friends).  I’m going to give it a try and see how it works, I’ll keep you all posted!

One thing I know before I even begin, I will definitely, definitely need more jars.

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