Is that a carrot in your pocket or….?

No it is a carrot.  A massive 10 incher, ooo er missus.  This is the pride and joy of Stephen’s gardening triumph and I thought I would share it with you.  We had such a great year with the veg garden, allowing us to forfeit much supermarket produce from the beginning of summer until now.  Stephen and Huwyl grew peas, beans, lettuce, spring onions, leeks, onions, parsnips, courgettes/marrows, peppers and lots of tomatoes.  From a smallish plot we have had a bumper year, all thanks to the hard work of my lovely chaps.

This carrot, however, was our record breaker.

10 inches of tasty orange loveliness.

After recording this one for posterity we chopped it and ate it; my it was delicious.  The joy of taking something fresh from the garden and popping it straight in the cooking pot cannot be underestimated and even Huwyl has been won round by the charms of home grown veg.  I know that the freshness of a homegrown organic vegetable adds immeasurably to the flavour but I also think that a soupcon of smugness gives it a wonderful tang too.

There may be bigger carrots, there may even be tastier carrots (actually no I don’t think that is possible) but never was a carrot more beloved.

Until next year, on the carrot reporting front anyway, that’s all folks.

2 thoughts on “Is that a carrot in your pocket or….?

  1. Now…is that 10 inches of length or girth? Just kidding! Congrats on growing the best of carrots. Can’t wait till Stephen experiments in my garden. That being said…our soil doesn’t like growing carrots! Too clayish…

    • It is amazing what some good compost, a bit of sand and a determined Brit can achieve! Looking forward to next years growing season : )

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