I’m now ready to release the official Halloween photos from the 2009 Halloween Party and Trick or Treating Experience.  It was a magical couple of days (the real kind not the fake kind as Jenna so wisely pointed out) and I hope that everyone who came along enjoyed it as much as I did.  So here are some pics to relive Halloween/Samhain 2009.

face painting

Despite the "Who are you lady?" look on his face Huwyl did request that Cheryl paint his face 'Just like Evan's."

Queen Jenna

Queen Jenna and her subjects. If cats can be subjects.


The lovely Evan in his cat costume


The fabulous little lamb

Bo Peep

Bo Peep Jaime and her gorgeous little lamb


The super hero mouse subdues the dragon. The other half of this crime fighting team declined to be photographed ; )

Jenni and bean

The gorgeous Jenni and her even more gorgeous daughter.


Pirate Huwyl. Gaaaaaaar!


Some of the spooky decor (the rest got taken down

before I could take pics, think lots of bats).

There were great friends, crazy kids, costumes, too much chocolate, fabulous cake, hopes for our future and voices from the past.  All this under a Halloween full moon, perfection.  Fingers crossed it will be even better next year.

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