Ballsing It Up

On one of my recent thrifting extravaganzas (does two things count as an extravaganza?) I purchased this fabulous item,


It is a vintage melon baller and love it I certainly do.  I’d been after one of these for a while but, as part of my buying-less-new-stuff commitment, I refused to purchase a new one.  I felt it was the kind of thing I could find second hand therefore I should find it second hand.   On a recent trip to a flea market there it was.

baller 2

Even though we are heading into winter, this little gadget fills me with summery goodness every time I look at it.  I got the idea for using a melon baller from an article in Mothering all about bento boxes and how visual fun can encourage kids to eat a range of great foods.  Now Huwyl has always enjoyed melon but I’ve found that after a few slices he can get a bit bored and that is a whole lot of wasted melon.  No longer!


Huwyl can’t resist those little orange globes and he pops them one after the other into his mouth.  I can hardly keep his plate filled!


Plus balling a melon (for those who have never tried) is exceptionally addictive, so I’ll be keeping Huwyl’s plate piled high for many moons to come.


And for anyone wondering, the other end is for scooping out the seeds and fleshy stuff in the middle and it works perfectly!  Ah melon baller, bringing summery, globe shaped fun to our table all year round.

One thought on “Ballsing It Up

  1. I will be growing many large globes of melony goodness for you next year and if I can squeeze a couple of melons from Emmanuel’s patch too, then I’ll make sure you’ve always got your hands full 🙂

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