To Everything Turn, Turn, Turn

The year has certainly turned and fall seems to have almost gone!  After all the rush to get the harvest in we are now down to a few stragglers.  I have a big bag of apples to finish off and a few tomatoes to roast but that’s about it.  The last few carrots and parsnips will be used on the weekend and then the garden is officially closed.  It’s mad that we have gone from this:


to this:


In what seems like the blink of an eye, the earth is being turned and we are preparing for winter.  The garden has yielded so much goodness this year and it is all thanks to these two hard working chaps.


But I need to stop hankering after the season that has passed and get with what is around me right now.  So here is a taste of what I’m seeing in my world as it turns inexorably towards winter.

pic 1leavesfall festivalapplesfirst swing

Autumn is working out rather well so far.  Now if it can just linger for a little longer…

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