Sachet baby

One of the blogs I like to visit is Sew Liberated.  Meg has a blend of family life combined with crafty projects and know-how that I really enjoy.  As well as great giveaways – one of which I won!  But more of that another time.  Through Meg’s blog I came across this tutorial by Melissa Crowe, a wonderful fibre artist who produces amazing felt ‘pictures’ that she sells through Little Pink House, her Etsy shop.   She also has a great blog that is funny and cool.

When I saw this tutorial I had to give it a try!  It is a credit to Melissa that her tutorial made the process seem approachable and easy.  It mostly was but took some practice and gave me an even greater appreciation for her work, which is impeccable.  I really enjoyed making these sachets, the sewing process is just right for a quiet evening project.  The result is so sweet and I was glad to pass these on as a gift to the lovely Jen.

sachet 1

sachet 2

sachet 3

The combination of linen with soft cotton and wool felt was such a pleasure to work with.  Though the applique took a bit of getting used to I really enjoyed the process; I’ll definitely be making more of these.  Using flax to fill them gave a wonderful weight without the lumpiness that might come with wheat or rice.  Instead of lavender I used home grown chamomile, a herb that cannot be beaten for soothing and relaxing a tired soul.

I’ll be making more sachets as the days and nights draw in, some for myself and I’m sure some will make their way out into the world as gifts.  Though these will be winter projects I hope that the whiff of chamomile that lingers with each one will bring a welcome reminder of the summer sun.

flowers 2

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