Rainy Sunday Afternoon

A recent grey, cold and very rainy day was returned from the brink of weekend woe by some simple ingredients.  After a rummage in pantry and fridge I came up with this combo,


I concluded that a rainy day movie afternoon was called for.  Neirin was napping so popcorn seemed perfect to facilitate some father and son snuggle time.  I love popping the kernels in a pan and the smell whisked me back to my own childhood, listening to the mysterious pops and cracks from within a large pan.  Huwyl was fascinated as he watched from a slight distance, unsure if this was entirely safe but delighted when the popcorn began to magically expand and push up the lid of the pan!

The ensuing bowl of popcorn (slightly larger than I expected) was begging for some jazzing up.

popcorn 1

My mum always added a sprinkle of sugar, but I have to admit I love the caramel popcorn that was an extra special cinema treat when we were little.  I improvised with a generous knob of butter and a nice slug of maple syrup.  I let it cook up to an opaque caramel sauce and then stirred in.  Simple.  And was it good you ask me?

popcorn 2

Oh yes indeedykins it was good.  Very good.  Grabbing big handfuls and eating them at the kitchen counter before handing it out to anyone else good.  Sweet, mellow and satisfying and thoroughly enjoyed by all.  None more so than me!  I know that I could have microwaved or even purchased but the fun of popping, cooking and stirring myself (and the joy of my little bean watching this magical process) made anything else seem redundant.

I’m watching the skies for another dreary Sunday.  Fingers crossed for rain!

2 thoughts on “Rainy Sunday Afternoon

  1. Sweet post : )
    We are big fans of popcorn at our house, and yes it certainly does make for a cozy treat on a rainy day! mmm…. it is much to early for popcorn right now, yet your post has left me feeling hungry! I think I will try this new recipe : )

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