Everyday miracles

baby feet

I just want to pause and relish a few of the moments that have given me joy over the last few days.

~ The dew on the morning grass, reminding me to enjoy these last days of summer as we slip inexorably into autumn.

~Happy moments spent in the sunshine hanging laundry on the line.

~The way the sunshine turns a stained sheet into a bright white one; it’s like a miracle!

~Whispering goodnight to Grandmother Moon, while snuggling with my biggest boy in the dark of the night.

~Baby breathing, baby giggles and, of course, baby toes.  I just can’t get enough of them…

What are your miracles?

2 thoughts on “Everyday miracles

  1. My Miracles

    – i get to wake up every day with a husband i love and who loves me back

    – a father who cares enough to be apart of my life and supports my dreams and aspirations

    – memories of a mother who loved me and whos memory is the biggest sorrow and celebration in my life

    – that i will run 5km non stop in support of Macmillan nurses. The feeling i anticipate on completion will be very emotional and worth every step

    – family, not everyone has one that are available at times of sadness and celebration

  2. A wonderful family, a man who treats me well and adores me and I him. Three amazing little kids.
    The ability to teach and to learn.
    That I have experience birth in many forms.
    That I have wonderful women in my life!

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