Out and About ~ The Children’s Museum

I adore the Children’s Museum.  In fact I wish that I could go back to being a child so that I could visit it and really get the most out of it.  Even on a busy school holiday weekday visit we had a fabulous time, leaving plenty to do and explore the next time.   I love the colour and vivacity of the spaces and particularly the fact that everything is child sized and meant to be ‘used’.

The ethos of the museum is something I really connect to.  Provide children with an enviroment that shows them how highly we regard them and they will respond in kind.  The children love interacting with the exhibits, dressing up in the costumes, experiencing a taste of other places and people.  It amazes me how respectful they are of the objects, one never finds a kimono in the Nigerian house or builders tools in the Bedouin tents.  Each area offers a new experience and will, I hope, fire my little ones’ imaginations and enthusiasm for travel and discovery.

So here is our day at the museum; colourful, frenetic, exhausting and fabulous.

Indian busrickshaw 2phonebox 2builderBedouin HuwylorigamiFabric

Though I am aware that our backpacking, gypsy ways are curtailed for the moment, it is fun to dip into adventures of a different kind.  I am sure that traveling will be part of our lives in the future but, in the meantime, I am satisfied to have nothing more than a baby on my back and to follow along on my children’s journey for a while.  In fact, for as long as they will have me.

baby backpack

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