Out and About

Since my lovely Dad has been here for the month of August, giving me and Stephen some invaluable support and instigating fun times all round, we have been out and about a lot this month!

This is long overdue, may I say.  Since Stephen and I arrived in Canada we have not had much opportunity to investigate even quite local destinations.  It has been so refreshing to see beyond the borders of our every day lives and to benefit from Dad’s energy and enthusiasm.  So…I will be posting a series of pictures that relate to different visits and themes; to give a flavour of our summer adventures.

Starting with the Science and Tech museum (thanks again Cheryl), a great place to visit and somewhere I am sure we will be returning to.  Huwyl was beside himself with excitement, running from one exhibit to another shouting “What’s this Mummy?” and listening with rapt attention to the information I was able to glean from the plaques handily placed everywhere!  It was wonderful to see his enthusiasm and focused dedication, nothing was beneath his notice.  So here goes, a homage to visits, summer and, of course, family.

rocket 1

Steam Train

rocket 2

Huwyl the driver

We had such a fantastic day, running from one exhibit to another, eating a picnic in the glorious sunshine and having little time for photo taking    ; )  I’m looking forward to seeing how this destination evolves for us as the boys’ interests develop and grow over time.  I certainly won’t get tired of all that lovely learning.

More photo inspired post to come…

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