Busy doing nothing

I know that I am guilty of over thinking things oh, a tad.  I tend to feel that if I am not running a private school quality curriculum for my child each day, as well as keeping the house immaculate and producing wonderful meals I’m just slacking off.  Yes I’m an over achiever, but then who isn’t these days?  Today I was reminded that everything doesn’t have to be planned out to work out.  Innocuous events can take on meaning and give unexpected pleasure.

For example, an off the cuff shopping trip reminded me of the awesome sweetness of my lovely Huwyl as he stood patiently watching me try on large hats and told me which he preferred.  It turns out he has very good taste and was free with the compliments too.  “You look very pretty mummy” was his assessment when we found that elusive just right blue and white hat that will hopefully help reduce wear and tear on my milk bottle like complexion this summer.  It made me feel all warm and fuzzy as we had a lovely mother and son bonding session and I wondered how many newly 4 year old boys would stand so patiently and actually take an interest in the way that Huwyl did?  Not many I’ll warrant.


Then this afternoon, while Neirin (finally) had a nap, Huwyl and I snuggled on his bed reading Winnie the Pooh bathed in the afternoon sun.  The house was quiet and he was more than entertained by these gentle stories; we read the whole book until my eyelids were literally closing.  After not much sleep last night, due to a horrible skin reaction not the little beans, the warm room and comfy bed were irresistible.  I made a deal with Huwyl that I’d close my eyes for 5 mins and then I’d read another story.  I set the alarm clock just in case.  20 mins of health giving dozing later he returned to my side having entertained himself and let his mummy get the forty or so winks she needed.  Bliss.


A busy day of gymnastics, shopping, chiropractic appointments, stories, cooking and some Lunar Jim action for those who wanted it.  Not something that would appear on any curriculum but a good, good day.  Doing nothing much can be the balm to the soul of a frazzled mummy and I’m thankful for this day and for my lovely beans who came along for the ride.

4 thoughts on “Busy doing nothing

    • locked in a cupboard! Actually I wrote this a while ago and didn’t have the pics to go with it so saved it for later, is that cheating?

  1. Thanks Nicole! I’m often surprised at what can happen when I stop trying so hard and let my lovely beans show me the way : )

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