Rest in Peas

Remember a couple of months ago when Huwyl and Stephen started planting up the veggie garden?  Hands in the dirt, daddy and son bonding time.  Seeds in small handsGardening boy

Well all of that hard work is bearing fruit now, lots of fruit in fact!  While I hacked away at the tomato plants, trying to establish some order in amongst the chaos of vines and leaves, Stephen and Huwyl had a pea picking fest that yielded two ziplock bags of fat green peas.  There are still many more ripening on the vines (some sunshine please?) so we didn’t feel too bad about the ‘samples’ that were snaffled along the way.

From hanging on the vine…pea pod

to the hands of my own little bean…pea pod hands

to a full basket of goodness (with a little help from daddy)

basket of peas

And when the basket was brimming over, small hands learned new skills.  Sitting in the sunshine with daddy, on the daddy-built deck, our little bean learned to pod peas.  I remember doing the same thing with my mum, many years ago.  Feeling grown up and proud as I pulled the precious green globes from their shells under my mama’s approving eye.  Now here are the fingers that we created, doing their own thing with our help.

podding 1peas in the hand

I don’t know which is sweeter, the delicate summer peas fresh from the plant.  Our plants, in our garden.  Or the gorgeous boy who sowed, tended and harvested them alongside his gardening daddy.

Actually I do.

gardening boy

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