Magical Sewing

During a visit to our local Chapters last week, Huwyl spied a cloak that he seemed quite in love with.  It is similar in style to this one but in a blue satin with stars.  Exactly the same fabric I had in my stash from a bargain purchase after Halloween last year.  The fabric is modeled here by Huwyl in its earlier incarnation as ‘Evening Gown 1’ in the Bulldog Clip collection.


Aha!  Though cunning mummy after a quick inspection.  I can do that! So on Saturday, during a break from supplying Stephen and his deck building crew with nummy treats, I made the following:

Cape1 And mightily pleased I am with it, considering the fabric cost about $5 and it only took an hour to make.  But the part I am irrationally proud of is the collar:

cape 2

It makes it look finished and, more importantly, just like the one in Chapters but at a fraction of the cost.   That’s me beating the system that is.  My little chap was happy with it too, wearing it to help his daddy build the frame for our soon-to-be deck.


Though, I have to say, overall I think I am much more pleased with it than the little bean is!  He wore it, then he threw it in a pile on the ground.  That said unless he had velcroed it to his body and refused to remove it even for baths I think I would have found his level of appreciation lacking the necessary vigour.  I think I am going to have to learn to rely less on external praise for my handiwork and instead enjoy the process more.  Also I will give myself cake.

To finish off I want to reference the awesomely cool giveaway at Gardenmama this week.  She is giving away some of her own collection of vintage aprons, one in adult size and one for a child.  Not only are they cute but very authentic; my new favourite concept.  Can I imagine me and Huwyl cooking side by side in these? Oh yes I think I can.

3 thoughts on “Magical Sewing

  1. I think the cape looks dashing on him. You’re a genius with the sewing machine and Huwyl loves all the outfits you make him babes.

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