Airing my (clean) laundry

Finally!  I know this may not be very exciting to most people but to me this is a big day.  At last I have been able to put my laundry on the line.  Outside.  In the sunshine.  Miraculous.  I’m a big fan of outside drying because, well lets face it, I’m a) A bit Amish and b) A lover of not spending cash when I don’t have to.  But it is more than that.  The smell of fresh air dried laundry is so uplifting.  When I snuggle into my sheets and get a whiff  they seem even cleaner and I feel more relaxed and content.  The air smells of trees and grass and sunshine, of outside.  I love it.


Even more than that, though, I LOVE putting my nappies (diapers) on the line.  Not only does it make them smell fresh and clean the sun whitens them so they look nice and clean.  Tumble driers are wonderful but they seem to lock in smells instead of freshening them.  So today I was able to air dry Neirin’s diapers in the glorious sunshine.

Nappies on the line

There is something ridiculously wholesome about nappies on the line.  Knowing that you are about the business of caring for your baby on the most basic level.  Standing in the sunshine I’m struck that I’m performing the same work my mum did for me, that her mum did for her and so on back through time.  So much changes over the years but there are needs and tasks that are always a part of bringing up babies and children.  Nappies on the line in the sunshine, a job required and completed.  Simple and very satisfying.  Of course there was someone else who appreciated my laundry efforts,

Cat shade

The all important cat shade was created.  When compared to this what else matters?

2 thoughts on “Airing my (clean) laundry

  1. Fellow laundry on the line lover here!!
    I enjoyed reading your post : )
    I have written in past posts about my love and memories of my Nana hanging laundry with her and playing under the “tents” made by blankets hanging on the line! I think of the laundry as prayer flags flying in the wind. I think you may enjoy my vintage apron giveaway : )

    • Thanks! I used to make tents too, that is so funny. I am having a major flashback. I love the idea of prayer flags, the everyday things of life sending out messages of our love into the world.

      Thank you for that image. I am certainly going to check out your blog, what isn’t good about aprons?


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