Rainy Day

So today has been a bit of a washout in many ways, cold, rainy and windy.  It feels like the dying throes of winter so hopefully we will have some consistently nice weather coming up.  Now that we have some garden furniture to sit on I really feel like being outside!  So today was all about keeping the beans entertained, well Huwyl really as Neirin’s needs are few and simple.  So we started out by making flour soup for Huwyl’s cars, 

Car Soup

Which lead then to the fun and games of washing the cars and drying the cars.  The excitement knows no bounds around here!  We’ve also been doing some ‘cooking’ in the kitchen, which is the toy I have set up for Huwyl for the next few days.  I’m finding that giving him a focus really helps him and me as there is let clutter as he moves from one toy to another dropping each one along the way.  Not good for a mummy carrying a baby!  But Huwyl seemed to enjoy the flour and water mess that he made, that’s the main thing.  Happy boy We also made time for a bit of a brother photo shoot with Neirin and Huwyl.  I know one of the boys really enjoys being in front of the camera….

Gorgeous boys

The other is a little less impressed….

Remind you of anyone?

Then, the unthinkable happened.  In fact it is still happening.  Neirin napped.  In the bassinette.  For over 2 hours and counting!   Giving Huwyl and I cuddle time, reading time and lunch time.  My body is still in shock from eating a full meal though the house being so quiet is making my brain have treacherous thoughts of napping myself.  Ah the good old days when baby asleep meant the glimmer of a chance of a snooze myself.  But I will take a good uninterrupted snuggle with the biggest of my boys instead and feel very lucky indeed.  

And since I am not expecting a repeat performance, ever, today will become known as “The day of the BIG NAP”.  It shall be remembered and revered.

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